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Burlington Permaculture

     is made up of a dynamic group of local residents, students, small business owners, farmers, designers, builders and more, residing throughout the Champlain Valley.  We are generally connected by the desire to improve the quality and character of life in our community through urban agriculture, community educational offerings, local resource assessment, natural building projects and social networking.

Chelsea Green Publishing Company

     Founded in 1984, Chelsea Green Publishing is recognized as a leading publisher of books on the politics and practice of sustainable living, publishing authors who bring in-depth, practical knowledge to life, and give readers hands-on information related to organic farming and gardening, permaculture, ecology, the environment, simple living, food, sustainable business and economics, green building, and more.

PO Box 428 Gates-Briggs Building #205, White River Junction, Vermont 05001
for sales, dial 800-639-4099, for catalogs / information, dial 802-295-6300 or fax 802-295-6444

Institute for Social Ecology

     Social Ecology advocates a reconstructive and transformative outlook on social and environmental issues, and promotes a directly democratic, confederal politics. Social Ecology envisions a moral economy that moves beyond scarcity and hierarchy, toward a world that reharmonizes human communities with the natural world, while celebrating diversity, creativity and freedom.

1118 Maple Hill Rd. PO Box 89 Plainfield, VT 05667

Permaculture Solutions, LLC

Norwich, VT
Karen Ganey


     Karen is the co-founder of Transition 5 Villages, the Upper Valley Apple Corps and the Upper Vally Transformational Action Affinity Group (UVTAAG), local groups working to build a resilient culture by way of supporting renewable food and energy systems, re-skilling, planting fruit and nut trees for free and public picking and leading actions that are transformational in conception and implementation.
     She has recently founded Permaculture Solutions, LLC where she works to develop ecologically diverse and nutrient dense landscapes for humans and habitat. She has designed forest gardens and garden systems for families, schools, hospitals and communities a like. 

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Prospect Rock Permaculture

     We design Landscapes, Buildings, Farms, and deliver Educational Events that assist people and communities to cultivate social and ecological health and respond to the confluent crises of the 21st century with resilience, abundance, and ecological regeneration.

     We consult with forward-thinking landowners, community organizations, schools, towns, farmers, homesteaders, watershed organizations, land trusts, and others to interpret ecological context and make human-managed ecosystems more connected, beautiful, and productive.  In particular, we assist people in designing the built environment to better grow food, build soil, secure fresh water, harvest the sun, and harmonize with natural communities in very site specific and client tailored ways.  

     We are the oldest permaculture design firm specializing in working farms, and our portfolio includes some of the the most successful and innovative farms contributing to the resurging agricultural economy in Vermont and beyond.

We design, build, and implement greenhouses, root cellars, barns, small homes, guest cabins, food processing facilities, and other infrastructure; windbreaks, hedgerows, orchards, nut groves, productive riparian buffers; ponds, paddies, swales, and other regenerative earthworks.

     We work out of Northern Vermont with clients throughout the Northeast- from Quebec to NYC and beyond.  While our expertise is in high-performance ecological regeneration, food production, and shelter systems for cold temperate/ arctic conditions, we have designed and implemented systems in New Zealand, Colorado, Chile, Argentina, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nigeria, Ghana, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Whole Systems Design

     Whole Systems Design utilizes an interdisciplinary team of land planners, ecological designers, builders, and educators that live in their designs. We unify conventionally disparate fields to develop resilient and regenerative places.

     We differ from other designers in that we actually live inside of our work everyday - building and productive landscape systems that feed our bodies and our design approach. We build soil, tend to fruit trees, dig and maintain ponds and roads, tweak wood stoves, sharpen axes, fell trees, bring in the firewood, raise vegetables, fruit, fish, poultry, livestock, tune solar hot water systems, plow snow, live with garden pests and farm challenges, and learn from the innumerable ways one lives in a productive landscape across the seasons. Without such daily experiences we could not deliver valuable site and building design and construction experience. We practice the content of our design on a daily basis because we love it and because it allows us to be competent designers of such places for our clients. 

     We facilitate permaculture design courses and other reskilling trainings which equip citizens with the capacity to grow their own food, medicine and fuel; plan and develop a resilient home infrastructure; and cultivate a high level of self reliance while creating durable and vibrant livelihoods for themselves and their family. 

Yestermorrow Design/Build School
     teaches over 100 hands-on workshops a year in design, construction, woodworking, and architectural craft and offers a variety of courses concentrating in sustainable design. Our intensive, hands-on courses are taught by top architects, builders, and craftspeople from across the country. For people of all ages and experience levels, from novice to professional. Yestermorrow offers a Permaculture Design Certificate as well as short courses on ecosystems & working landscapes. 7865 Main Street, Waitsfield, VT 05673. 888.496.5541


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