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Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship

The Blue Ridge Center is a nonprofit organization that manages nearly 900 acres featuring hiking trails through deep woods, babbling streams, a working farm, wildflower meadows, and historic farmsteads. Our Mission: Develop, demonstrate and educate about innovative approaches to environmental stewardship by inviting people and partners to study, restore, interpret and experience our land’s environment and history

11661 Harpers Ferry Road, Purcellville VA 20132(540) 668-7640
(540) 668-7649 FAX
Andrew Pressman

The Blue Ridge Permaculture Network

BRPN is a group of permaculture practitioners and educators living and working in the Central Virginia Bioregion. BRPN offers classes in permaculture and ecological design for those interested in learning more about permaculture and how it can be incorporated into their lives. For questions about the Blue Ridge Permaculture Network or to be added to the permaculture events monthly e-newsletter, email Christine at:

Dawn Shiner, Dancing Green

121 Turtle Rock Dr., Floyd, Va, 24091 USA

Polyface, Inc.
is a family owned, multi-generational, pasture-based, beyond organic, local-market farm and informational outreach in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. We produce: Salad Bar Beef, Pigaerator Pork, Pastured Poultry (Eggs, Broilers, Turkeys), Forage-Based Rabbits,
Forestry Products We are in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy, and healing the culture. Writing, speaking, and farm tours offer various message venues.

Joel & Teresa Salatin
43 Pure Meadows Lane, Swoope, VA 24479
Daniel & Sheri Salatin
115 Pure Meadows Lane, Swoope,
VA 24479 540-887-8194 FAX: 540-885-5888

Prior Unity Garden

is a small Woman Owned Business in Fairfax, Virginia, with a passion for helping folks grow some organic food, flowers and herbs. We, Debby Ward and Russell Furbush, promote, practice and teach organic, biodynamic, and permaculture no-chemical, non-GMO gardening. Our Vision is to assist in the creation of a priorly connected, worldwide network of beautiful, organic, food gardens and communities in contribution to healthy lives and the sustaining of the natural resources and biodiversity of earth, forever. 1-703-281-7743

Radical Roots Farm

Founded in 2000 by Dave and Lee O’Neill, Radical Roots Farm produces high quality, ecologically grown vegetables. We use sustainable methods of farming such as cover cropping, crop rotation, attracting beneficial insects and applying compost. Without the use of synthetic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, we rely on hand labor and natural cycles for the healthiest soil and vegetables. Dave also teaches Permaculture with Peter Bane and others.

3083 Flook Lane, Keezletown, VA 22832
(540) 810-2587

Seven Springs Farm
We are a 125 acre organic farm in Floyd County, Virginia, USA. Our philosophy is to steward the land ecologically with methods that build the fertility of the soil, using organic fertilizers & biodynamic compost. Our Organic Farming & Gardening Supply Catalog has a large variety of Natural Fertilizers, Animal Supplements, Grower’s Supplies, & Seed. The farm is home to a 4 1/2 acre Community
Supported Agriculture Garden. We host a Work Apprentice Program designed to teach an individual a realistic view of what is involved in running an organic farm.

Sharondale Farm
Sharondale offers the following products and tools for enjoying and cultivating your favorite gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

  • Fresh and dried mushrooms, and value-added mushroom products.

  • Sawdust and grain spawn ready to inoculate logs, straw or other preferred substrates. Please call oremail for availability of species.

  • Inoculation tool kit: includes palm inoculation tool, 12mm high-speed drill bit with stop, 2lbs of cheese wax, 4 wax daubers, and 25 aluminum labels. Each item is available individually. Kits are available with or without a bag of sawdust spawn.

  • Inoculated logs, inoculated woodchips and other mushroom substrates easy to transfer to your garden.

  • Mushroom cultures ready to grow on your own sterile medium. Please call or email for availability of species.

  • Mushroom cloning service. If you find a delectable local strain of a mushroom and want to capture it for future use, we will provide you with a pure culture clone or spawn from that mushroom. Please contact us for proper handling procedures.

  • Mushroom landscaping.

Let us design and install a diversity of mushrooms in your garden or landscape. Our useful plants nursery offers food, flower and fiber plants for your garden. In the spring, we offer culinary and medicinal herbs and fruiting shrubs.


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