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Bezaleel Israel Eco-Village
in far northeast Washington is named after the landowner, affectionately known as "BZ," who has put more than 30 years of effort into developing his 20 acres to support a self-sufficient Permaculture Community Land Trust. 

Billy’s Farm

Billy’s Gardens and Stephanie’s Floral offer the best organic products to the greater Seattle area. We have a large selection of plants, herbs, flowers and produce available. Our varieties are proven winners because of our fertile, time-tested soil’s certified organic mixture.Availability for plants is the first market day in mid-April through the 15th of June.Our organically grown tomato and herb plants are available in the Seattle/Tacoma area, before the first market day, at Whole Foods, Bellevue, Redmond, Roosevelt, West Lake, and Interbay; and at Ravenna Gardens in University Village.
Billy Allstot / Stephanie Blackstad
email us:

Collinwood Farms

We are a 100% organic, family owned farm in Port Townsend offering affordable organic produce to our local community. Please support an endangered species – The Family Farm. Find us on Facebook.

1210 “F” Street, Port Townsend, Washington 98368

Design Trek / Jonathan Scherch

We encourage design projects that engage people and connect systems in service of livable, healthy homes, schools, and communities.We share interests in social work for social change, local-through-international Transition Town efforts, food security, rainwater harvesting, renewable energy systems, organic recycling & composting, amateur radio communications, (to name a few).


Cultural & Ecological Designing, People
– Place – Learning – Integration

John Schinnerer, MA
3822 24th Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98108 USA 206-725-3571
or HC2 Box 6482, Kea’au, HI 96749, Hawai’i Nation, 808-640-2994

Evidence of Humanity

is dedicated to the idea that we become what we dwell on. That’s why we develop programs and publish the positive and inspiring stories of what individuals, groups, and organizations are doing to improve our world. Don Baker, Founder/Executive Director, learned the importance of helping others through his mother’s volunteer efforts with food banks and the Head Start program. Don gives his time to a number of organizations; Daybreak Star Cultural Center for United Indians of all Tribes Foundation, Greenpeace, America’s Second Harvest, Washington Book and Braille Library, and the World Rhythm Festival.

Financial Integrity

The Financial Integrity program has its roots in the groundbreaking work of the late Joe Dominguez. This wiki was created by the non-profit New Road Map Foundation (NRM). Founded in 1984 to disseminate the proceeds from Joe’s original seminar recordings, NRM supports people people via this website in transforming their relationship with money, and aligning their finances with their values.

New Road Map Foundation (NRM) freely offers the Financial Integrity material to anyone who can benefit from them, only asking that it be used and shared in the same spirit.

Seattle, WA


Foundation for Sustainable Community

has an interest in all things that support the concept of sustainable living and community. We Define “Sustainable Community” as a synergistic way of living, where people and nature are all preserved and enhanced by thoughtful planning, careful use of resources and a reverential approach to life. Thus embraced, these attributes create an environment where all may thrive for untold generations. .

Marilene Richardson
Permaculture Guild

Friends of the Trees Society

a small, grassroots non-profit which has been operating
continually since 1978— twenty-seven years of
service to the trees and to tree-lovers worldwide. Our
work has touched over 100,000 people so far.

Michael Pilarski
PO Box 1133, Port Hadlock, WA 98339, U.S.A.
Ph: int+ 1+360-643-9178

Global Earth Repair Foundation

is committed to partnering with humans from around the globe and the Nature that exists where they each are to facilitate rapid positive transformation for this Earth.
We are led and joined by some of the most inspiring Earth-healers of our time to gather the information and get to work at assisting our living world to regenerate!

10644 Rhody Dr, Port Hadlock, Washington 98339

Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild

A network of permaculture practitioners who inhabit a region of the northwestern U.S. between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Rocky Mountain Range. We host annual gatherings and operate this interactive website to facilitate communication among Guild members and between the Guild and the greater community to inform ourselves and others about the promise of permaculture.

Northeast Washington Permaculture Guild (on Facebook)

also at

Pomegranate Center

Pomegranate Center brings people together to build better communities.

Through training, designing, and building alongside leaders and community members, we make neighborhoods more livable, sustainable, just and socially engaged. Our work is based on the core values of strong communities of place, collective creativity, and multiple victories where the best ideas solve more than one problem at the same time.

After 27 years of creating gathering places with hundreds  of communities, we are shifting our focus from building to a combination of building and teaching. Through intensive training programs, we want to create a network of Pomegranate Partners across the nation. By leveraging each project as an opportunity to transfer our knowledge and share the Pomegranate Process, we can help more communities.

Our training programs are designed to inspire city staff, design professionals and grassroots leaders – anyone with an interest in community building. Pomegranate Center’s Fellows Training combines a creative approach with effective meeting structure and planning practices, broad public participation, hands-on learning and leadership development.
1400 NW Maple Street PO BOX 486 Issaquah, WA 98027

Tel. 425.557.6412 Fax 425.557.4662

Redtail Edge Design
We collaborate with clients to regenerate ecosystems that 
support healthy plants, wildlife, and people.

Using ecological design and permaculture ethics to regenerate Pacific Northwest ecosystems for generations to come and create beautiful, healing spaces.


• Edible Landscapes

• Sustainable Homestead / Farm Design

• Certified Wildlife Habitat

• Pollinator & Medicinal Herb Gardens

• Native Landscaping

• Hardscapes, Outdoor Kitchen Design,
& Garden Structures

Drone Mapping Map, Aerial photography & 3D modeling services utilizing drones.

* FAA Licensed Pilot *​

• Virtual Farm Tours

• 3D Models

• Topography / Orthomosaic Maps

• 360° Aerial Video

Serving Washington State and Surrounding areas. Based out of Bellingham, WA and Arlington, WA

Seattle Permaculture Guild

This site is meant to be a gathering point for folks in Seattle wanting to practice, play with, and learn more about Permaculture. As many of us are busy spending our days sowing seeds and helping out with sustainability-oriented projects, this website can serve as a valuable, free, easy-to-use resource to support us in our work.

We hope that this website is the starting point that will connect many people, make many events possible, and create conditions for our children's children to eat delicious Seattle-grown nuts and fruits from trees that we have planted.
See our Wiki


Spokane Permaculture has a new website.

There's a reason for calling this page Zone Zero. There is almost no content, yet. Also, in Permaculture, you are zone zero. It's up to you. This website is a platform for Permaculturists of the Spokane region to share what you know. Teach by example. Brag a little. Ask questions. Tell us how you are terraforming your own environment. What tricks have you learned? What do you have to trade?

Mike Hagar built the first Spokane Permaculture website. It engaged the community for years. It came time to hand the reins to a new maintainer. We tried to preserve as much of the content from the original website as possible despite having lost access to its file system and database. I have developed a method for keeping that history accessible on this website, but it will take some time to organize it. A sample of content from the old site is the Comfrey article.

The website is a sharing circle and forumSign up and join us. 

Chrys Ostrander
Current website maintainer

​VETS_CAFEVeterans' Ecological Trades Collective - Studies in Conservation, Agriculture, Forestry and Ecology

VETS_CAFE works as a leader in regenerative farm design, conservation & consulting. VETC conservation, agriculture, forestry, and ecology training programs work with teams of veterans and allies to design, build, and enjoy community conservation and agriculture projects and veteran farms. VETC's vision is of a network of local and regional farms and farmers who stabilize regional food systems.Snail mail us at: VETC,  c/o 608 S Silver, Centralia WA 98531

Wild Thyme Farm

A private eco-retreat near Olympia Washington. These 150 acres of forests, pastures, gardens, orchards and streams, showcase an evolving model of wild forest management, permaculture, agroforestry, diversity.

72 Mattson Rd. Oakville, WA 98568
ph./fx. (360) 273-7117
Marisha Auerbach, 6420 Shawn Dr SW, Olympia, Wa 98512
(360) 943-5262

Yes! Magazine

YES! Magazine reframes the biggest problems of our time in terms of their solutions. Online and in print, we outline a path forward with in-depth analysis, tools for citizen engagement, and stories about real people working for a better world.

284 Madrona Way NE, Ste 116, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-2870

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