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#35 Village Design

November 1996, $5


  • Prolegomena to a Pattern Language for the New Village by Paul Caron

  • From Consensus to Democracy by Arjuna DaSilva

  • Lessons from Community Conflicts by Declan & Margrit Kennedy

  • Sustainable Villages and the United Nations by Albert Bates

  • A Visit to the Amanas by Albert Bates

  • Cerro Gordo's Long Journey to Community by Toby Hemenway

  • Arthurdale, West Virginia: A Public Experiment by Deanna Hornyak

  • A Village In Between: Artas, South Dakota by Larry Dalmation

  • Planning for a New Tribe by Chuck Marsh

  • Visions of Earthaven by Gangotri, Michaeljon Drouin, Gary Schwartz, Greg Marshall-Clark

  • Rural Ecovillage & Urban Cohousing: Interview with Jill Tieman by Mollie Curry

  • Learning a New Kind of Life by Darren Geffert

  • Design for Catastrophe by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Remembering Who We Really Are: Design for Eco-Spirituality by Patricia Allison

  • Spirit in Community by Chiwa

  • Schooling in a Village Home by Jean-Ann Marshall-Clark

  • Design for the Next Generation by Patricia Allison

  • Creating a teenage Society by Patricia Allison

  • Natural Building Materials by Ted Butchart

  • Village Economics by Peter Bane

  • Ecological Forestry in Action: The Waldee Forest by David Wheeler

#34 Useful Plants

June 1996, $5


  • Bamboo Polyculture in Vietnam;

  • Medicinal Plants

  • Pest Control;

  • Root Crops

  • Oaks;

  • Robert Hart's Forest Garden

  • Russian Plants;

  • Autumn Olive

  • Regional Plant Lists

  • Seed/Plant Sources;

  • Plant Allies by Lee Barnes


#33 Cities & Their Regions

December 1995, $5


  • To Mend the Broken Circles: Thinking Green in City Spaces by Charlie Headington

  • World Hunger or Abundance at Home? by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Empowering Independent Regions by Gene Marshall

  • Building community in the City: A Visit with the LA Ecovillage

  • The Ecological Neighborhood by Jim and Eileen Schenk

  • Planting with MAGIC by Roberta Greenspan

  • Permaculture in the 'Hood' by Sabrina Merlo

  • CoHousing: A Solution for Social Isolation and Sustainability by Z'ev Paiss

  • City Markets: Creating a Regional Identity by Mollie Curry

  • Rails to Trails: A case Study for Roanoke Rapids, NC by Mary Woltz

  • Creating Habitat: Living with Animals in the City by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • The Garden that Compost Built by Trina Paulus

  • Micro-Enterprise Lending: A Strategy for Local Prosperity by Mollie Curry

  • "Right in My Backyard..." by Elizabeth R. Winston

#32 Animals & Aquaculture

April 95 $8.00


  • Livestock, Genetic Diversity, and Sustainable Agriculture by Caroline Christman, Donald Bixby, and Phillip Sponenberg;

  • Animal Polyculture: The Farm of Many Faces (Joel Salatin) by Peter Bane

  • Commentary on Animals in Permaculture by Michael Howden

  • Small- scale Cattle Raising by Liz Richardson

  • Power of Gentle Beasts by Jessica Laub

  • Please Pass the Goat Peter Bane

  • Controlling Goats with the Right Fence by Shannon Stoney

  • Sheep and Wool by Liz Richardson, Elena Wheeler, and Victoria Smith

  • Holding Back the Water by Peter Bane

  • Ramial Woodchip Mulch by Celine Caron

  • The Carolina Bantam Chicken by I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr.

  • Why Pig Farmers Should Love a Duck by Jessica Laub

  • Amazing Duckweed by Jessica Laub;

  • Free Bees by C.L. Parker

  • Africanized Honey Bees: Q & A by Gretchen Sanders

  • Honey Bees in our Future by Eric C. Mussen

  • Bee Plants of the Mid-South by Season of Bloom (chart)

  • Sustainable Fish Culture by Jessica Laub

  • Constructed Wetlands by Tad Montgomery;

  • Municipal Reed Bed Sewage Treatment by Mike Hylton

  • Rock Reed Filters: On-Site Sustainable Waste Treatment by Dan & Cathy Schellenberg; and more



#31 Forest Gardening

May 94 $8.00

  • Energy & Pc by David Holmgren;

  • Mushroom Cultivation;

  • Robert Hart's Forest Garden;

  • Species for Northern California;

  • Alders;

  • Agroforestry in Belize and China;

  • Honey locust;

  • Nitrogen fixers; and more.

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#29-30 Networks

July 1993, $8


  • Networks:

  • Special Media Review;

  • Rural Reconstruction;

  • Leaf Concentrate;

  • Community Food Initiatives;

  • Pc in Palestine;

  • Do-nothing Eden;

  • Feng Shui;

  • Companion Gardening;

  • Nature Spirits;

  • Wilderness;

  • Biogeography.;

  • Network Theory;

  • Pc Academy; and more.

#28 Structures

Feb. '93, $8.00

  • Structures:

  • Community Design;

  • Local Exchange Trade Systems;

  • Industry;

  • Strawbale/Timber-frame Buildings; and more.

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