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Other Areas: $3.00 each


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32 pages

Basic approaches to Tanks, Rainwater Catchment, Ram Pumps, Ground Recharge, Urban Stormwater, Ponds, Dowsing

32 pages

Basic understanding of and approaches to soil health. Soil fertility, Earthworms, Cover Cropping, Getting the Most out of Your Compost Pile, the Art and Science of Sheet Mulching, Rhizosphere Wars: Tree & Soil Health, Keyline Planning for Soil Improvement, Very Intensive Beds, Silt as a Resource, Roof Gardens Using Leaves, Soil Pesticide Detox.

A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Cultural Manipulation
by Sandor Ellix Katz
2002, 33pages

This much abbreviated version of Sandor's book of the same title, features 16 recipes for sauerkraut, miso, amazake, sourdough, injira, honey wine, vinegar, yogurt, kefir, and more.

40 pages

Step-by-step instructions to make your own round hive for healthier bees.

We're offering the Water booklet bundled with the 9 back issues of Permaculture Activist/Design that focus on water and earthworks, a $60 value, for $40. 


V.4 (1989): Earthworks: water conservation, small dams, ponds, keyline design

VI.3 (1990): Water: Forests and the atmosphere, catchment, pond design

#32 (1995): Animals & Aquaculture: Animal polycultures, small-scale cattle, goat dairy, keyline design, feral chickens, bee plants, constructed wetlands

#44 (2000): Earthworks & Energy: Spreader dams, horse swales, earth dams, machinery, carpet-lined ponds, constructed wetlands, biogas, windmills

#47 (2002): Watersheds: Water4sale, basins o'relations, watershed development, gabions, urban runoff, beavers, skywater center, conservation investment, peat bogs, rabbits

#52 (2004): Aquaculture: EcoAquac, Fish4Health, dowsing, pond design, greywater biotreatment, North American polyculture, managing for native species, integrated village fisheries, Vietnam

#71 (2009): Earthworks: Hopewell Mound Water Management, Belize, keyline, road and dam building, Northwest agroforestry, permaculture & landscape architecture, earthbag construction, low-watt refrigerator

#78 (2010): Water Wise: Restoration engineering, watershed relations, Colorado runoff gardens, cisterns in Saudi Arabia, energy use & water, traditional Mexican catchment, rooftop gardens, home water

#101 (2016): Water Extremes—Drought & Flood: "Capturing the rains of Hurricane Odile" by Brad Lancaster; "Flatlands, flash floods, and permaculture" by Bruce Blair; "Lessons from water" by Bonita Ford; "Mycorrhizal fungi in water extremes" by Peter McCoy; "The Australian Keyline Plan" by Ken Yeomans; swales, rain gardens, and more.



Contents of the Water booklet:


Doing Something About Water

The Elements of Dowsing

Rooftop Catchment

Ferrocement Tanks

Recipe for a Ram Pump

Carpet Sandwich Method of Pond Building

Designing Ponds for Life

Market Crops for Small Ponds

Urban Stormwater Management

Swales—Storing Water in the Earth

Amazing Gabions


 Earthworks & Water Conservation: Small Dams, Ponds, Keyline 

Due to an error on our part, our Sept. newsletter failed to mention that free shipping applies only to the US. Please contact us with any questions. Thanks for your understanding.

Permaculture Design offers several booklets (about 32 pages each, $8 each, postage paid) assembled by Peter Bane. These include Beekeeping Simplified: step-by-step instructions to make your own round hive; Building Living Soil; Wild Fermentation, an early guide to home ferments by Sandor Elix Katz; and Water in the Home Landscape. You save 15% on the bundle.

Due to an error on our part, our Sept. newsletter failed to mention that free shipping applies only to the US. Please contact us with any questions. Thanks for your understanding.

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